My name is Loeëtte
Just before the turn of the century, I started to make Bears.
It all begun with a short article in a newspaper about a lady who make bears.
It was told in the article that she would show her bears during an international exposition in the Ahoy building in Rotterdam
It was as well told that she gave courses.
During the eighty’s I make already character dolls, so I thought because of that I also could make bears.
After the first lesson followed another and another, it was so cozy that I did not get enough.
The result was of course that I always ended up coming home with a quite bear.
After e few more lessons I started to work at home for myself and make bears in different sizes; small, medium and some bigger.
My bears are all “self made by hand” from Mohair.
At a certain moment there were so many bears in our house, that I decided to join an official exposition.
Together with my husband Rob I showed my bears on fairs in the Netherlands,
Belgium and Germany.
The dates and addresses of those fairs you’ll find on the link “shows”
If you like to get more information, please contact me  via my e-mail address.
I do wish you much pleasure while visiting my website.

Loeëtte Mendes da Costa